Tin Indian

+ Comments (3) Tin Indian - 2006-08-22 20:07:05
Tin Indian ... I should be able to state here what year this gorgeous Pontiac was built -- and perhaps share some history. Such details are generally available either on a plate nearby or at the very least can be picked up from a few seconds of conversation with the owner if they're in the vicinity. Sadly, I neither noticed such informational tidbits or the presence of the owner. Im often guilty of getting sufficiently distracted with making a photo that I just don't remember till it's too late ... *sigh* At any rate, this shot was taken along with 5 others that were then combined in a process to get as much range as possible between dark and light areas. That final 'product' was then massaged into the image above. I'd be lying if I tried to pretend I didn't like it ... ;o)