Spaman Jewelers

+ Comments (1) Spaman Jewelers - 2006-09-01 19:22:49
This is not really a photo of Spaman Jewelers ... that's just the name of the business whose name happens to appear on the sign in the left of the photo. It's really a photo of one of those old buildings that has an apartment or two upstairs and some kind of business downstairs. It might NOT be apartments either -- maybe it's a studio ... or a nearly empty loft ... or a storage area that someone uses occasionally to ''get away'' to during a break or lunch period. Maybe it's a lot of things -- or nothing at all. But it looks to be semi-inhabited in one or more ways. There are curtains on a window. A star hanging in another window. Several seemingly empty pots that might (more than likely DID) at one time or another have held some houseplants (or would it be apartment-plants??) and another couple of pots that still show signs of life even if only the sort that thrives on photosynthesis. Whichever is the case, there are (if you look really close) two pigeons hanging around and a generally -- to my eye, at least -- visually appealing arrangement of the sort of ''stuff'' people use and forget or use and neglect or use and keep using but find themselves arranged in such a way as to make ME stop and take notice and say, ''Hey ... look over there ... I like that.'' And then I take a picture ... or several. It's also just down the block to the east of what was once The Park Building. Kinda cool, huh?