2 1/2 VERY Peaceful Minutes

+ Comments (1) 2 1/2 VERY Peaceful Minutes - 2006-09-07 22:23:49
Actually, it was more like 5 minutes: I went out this morning specifically to shoot this spot -- with the path winding off into the distance. I had *hoped* for the patchy fog we had to be a part of the photo as well but ''patchy'' was elsewhere. When I arrived, the gates to the park were still closed and locked so I parked outside and hiked in anyway. A mission is a mission, after all, and the park should have been open as it was several minutes after the posted opening time. Open or not, it wasn't fully light yet and that explains the five 30 second exposures that were stacked to make this photo. Each shot took another 30 seconds while the camera did some internal 'noise reduction' by closing the shutter and then subtracting the digital noise in the ''dark frame'' from the preceding ''open shutter'' frame. I wasn't sure if I'd even HAVE 5 usable frames when I was setting up as it was too dark for the camera to auto-focus and I had to frame the shot nearly blind and then manually focus a fixed distance ''out there'' and trust the aperture (it was F16 for anyone interested) to include enough depth of field and pray I was in the ballpark. Once I got home, I converted the RAW files and set about stacking them with Image Stacker and then finished cropping and adjusting and resizing, etc. It's not what I was after ... and I'm still a little uncertain about it. Still, I guess it's safe to say I like it better than anything else in the ''on deck'' circle, so here it is ... ;o) Almost forgot: The park is Markin Glen, on North Westnedge a little north of Parchment. And it's also the same park where THIS PHOTO was taken.