Fallen Tree .. Early Morning

+ Comments (0) Fallen Tree .. Early Morning - 2006-09-10 11:23:37
The fallen tree itself is currently covered with moss and ivy which make it hard to see in this photo but if it were NOT there, the view would be entirely different because it provides the 'ground' on which a good deal of the nearby foliage rests. I pass this small opening in the tree line every morning on my way to work -- it's just 7 tenths of a mile from home. Often, the bit of 'field' beyond the trees is awash in fog and scattered light as the sun creeps over the horizon far off to the left and out of frame. I get a fleeting glance driving by and have told myself repeatedly to take/make the time to visit it with my camera and tripod. Yesterday morning, I set my alarm specifically to do just that. I got up, had some coffee and watched out the window till the light was just beginning to spread outside. Then I grabbed camera, bag and tripod and set out to see if I'd be able to catch any fog before it was too late. As with This Shot there was no fog to catch .. but the view was there waiting for me and the light was changing fast so I did what I could to capture the fleeting moments before cars wouldn't need headlights and heavy shadows would lay like dark blankets over much of what's visible here. Another day ... different light ... perhaps some fog ... it warrants another visit.