Al Sabo .. One

+ Comments (3) Al Sabo .. One - 2006-09-17 22:12:59
Weez and I had planned separate outings early this afternoon and while her plans changed slightly, mine remained essentially the same -- a first visit to the Al Sabo Land Preserve. So while she did a bit of shopping and ran a couple of errands, I hiked in and about the preserve to get acquainted with the space and see what there was to see -- and possibly get a photo or two in the bargain. I wound up wandering for the better part of 3 1/2 hours or so and while I did get a few shots I like fairly well, the bulk of the time was spent making mental notes on places that might be nice to revisit under different weather or lighting conditions. One can't have too many "possibles" for revisit, after all. I also encountered a number of hikers, joggers and cyclists but it was mostly the sort of friendly nod or 'hello' of acknowledgement. One notable exception was a couple out with a pair of very handsome and friendly dogs. The only real introduction that was made was the sharing of the dogs' names and of those, I only remember with certainty "Hunter", the pup. Full of energy and enthusiasm and the sort of gleeful grin all dogs display when they're having a ball, Hunter was every bit the puppy with the hint of powerful companion just beneath the surface. I don't know breeds very well so saying "I think" they were both labs is at best a shaky guess. We chatted for a couple of minutes and I learned that Hunter was their daughter's and they're 'sitting' while she's away at college. For the next 3 years or so .. ;o) I wished them luck with the task of tending to Hunter and she made it a point to ask if I was shooting any of the various mushrooms and other fungi that was so prominently on display. I'd noticed some before that but her mention of it caused me to notice them a little more. The shot above is one of several I took and Weez thought it ought to be the first for posting. In the general information category this one was perhaps the size of a nickel at the top.