Mushroom (or Toadstool) Village

+ Comments (2) Mushroom (or Toadstool) Village - 2006-09-23 11:57:24
The first thing that came to mind when I saw all these little mushrooms growing together in the hollow of a dead tree some 7 or 8 feet high were places like the Cliff Palace built by the Anasazi in the american southwest. A bit of research showed me that the connection was faulty and the dwellings built in the cliff sides and desert don't really look so much like mushrooms after all. Sometimes it's like that - something triggers a memory that seems pretty vivid until one realizes that while the memory in itself is valid, it's actually not the one initially identified. Or something like that. I've seen mediterrean villages (in photos) that seem to be packed one home on another on hill sides and coastlines and perhaps that's what made me think I was thinking what I wasn't really thinking. Or it may have been something else entirely ... most likely that. Either way, the mushrooms caught my eye and interest and I took several shots in an effort to get the 'feel' I imagined when I was having the flashback that wasn't so much back as sideways. This one has been fairly well beat into submission by a healthy amount of post-processing but it comes closest to what my mind's eye was seeing while the rest of my mind was hallucinating. And no .. they were NOT that sort of mushroom ... ;o)