Al Sabo Autumn - 2

+ Comments (1) Al Sabo Autumn - 2 - 2006-10-23 21:57:53
As promised yesterday, another shot from Al Sabo -- this time taken well within the tall, wet grass and weeds. This field measures about 1/4 mile wide by perhaps 1/3 to 1/2 mile long and is dotted throughout with flattened patches of grass that would seem to be either bedding sites for deer or crop circles depending on your preference. The two trees pictured here stand perhaps 50 to 75 yards apart and are surrounded in all directions by this fantastic, otherwise open meadow. I also want to mention here that this shot is comprised of 3 separate photos combined to achieve greater dynamic range than the camera is able to get in a single shot. The program used for this re-combinatory magic is PhotoMatixPro and once the shots are combined, the resulting photo is (or can be as in this case) Tone Mapped to bring out both shadow areas and highlights in an otherwise ":difficult": if not impossible photographic scene. All of that means that while a much more talented photographer might get a shot like this unassisted by such tools, lesser mortals such as myself are left to such thankfully available resources. Either way ... I kinda like what it lets me do. I hope you do too ... ;o)