Markin Glen - Douglas Entrance

+ Comments (1) Markin Glen - Douglas Entrance - 2006-11-21 18:06:47
This is what used to be the working entrance to Markin Glen Park in Kalamazoo -- the Douglas Avenue entrance. The green pillars on the sides of the drive once held swinging barriers of some sort and when I decided to shoot them, I thought they would be the primary 'subjects' of the photo. Then I noticed the sky and clouds and all the leaves on the ground and pavement and decided to go for a more dramatic look. So I set up the tripod as low as was possible while keeping the camera out of the leaves and shot upwards toward the sky -- a total of 6 separate shots blended together for higher dynamic range and well ... there you have it. Oh, yeah ... note the address up top if you haven't already. Welcome to !! ;o)