Off the beaten path

+ Comments (3) Off the beaten path - 2007-04-21 18:01:58
I was asked this morning for a few thoughts on my Mom by my brother-in-law. What I told him came most to mind was that even as she worked and struggled to raise, feed and clothe three children, she never faltered in her love, support and encouragement. For me, that was particularly helpful -- I've always tended to naturally try to do things differently than many others did. Partly, that may have been a bit of innate rebellion to her fairly conservative and cautious ways, but I know now some of it was just the way my head is wired - or mis-wired, depending on who you talk to ;o) The point is and was that as Mom's tend to do, mine (ours) was always ready to warn of dangers and encourage caution, but she tempered that with an assurance that we COULD do most anything we cared to try. That we WERE able and intelligent and talented and well, loved. All of which brings me back to where this began. My sister's husband Jerry needed some anecdotes for a memorial service being held this afternoon for Mom -- she passed away Thursday morning, April 19th. She'll be sorely missed and never forgotten. I took the photo above after having wandered some 100-150 yards off a normal foot-path. I saw the water through the trees and felt drawn to it. It was over there and I needed to be there too. From deep in my heart and off the beaten path, I Love you Mom! I should mention that there is (or was) a Memorial Service this afternoon in Texas, where she lived the last 10 or so years. There will be another service of some kind some time in a few weeks here in Michigan preceding her ashes' final burial near her parent's graves.