Unexpected Beauty

+ Comments (0) Unexpected Beauty - 2007-05-12 20:49:46
This little quiet spot was something I noticed from the passenger seat on Monday just after my sister Ann had gone to pick up her son from school. We passed over a small bridge and I caught a glimpse out my window of the creek and grass and asked her if we could go back for a minute. She turned around and pulled 50 or so feet ahead of this spot so I wouldn't be opening my door into the incredible swarm of gnats that were hovering right about where this shot was taken. I walked back (into the swarm) and they cleared enough to let me set my tripod down and take this shot. The area was clearly frequented by a variety of other visitors as there was quite a bit of litter in the immediate area. Happily, the debris didn't extend far from the road and the remaininbg view was still pretty pleasant.