Mid-day calm

+ Comments (2) Mid-day calm - 2007-06-11 20:30:17
I was back at Al Sabo Preserve on Saturday while Weez went to the gym and then work for a few hours. I hadn't thought I'd be there more than an hour or two but the weather was close to perfect and apart from mosquitoes and deer-flies, the bugs weren't as bad as they might have been. Of course, that sounds a bit like saying if it hadn't been for the water damage, Noah's flood could have been worse . . . Bugs aside, I did enjoy the time (all four hours of it) and the quiet walk and managed to discover a few more miles of trails I hadn't seen before. And -- it's almost a given -- if there's a trail that's new to me, there are that many more off-the-trail sights to see as well. This shot is one such off-the-trail view. It's not all that far from the normal walking path, but still represents a view the color-inside-the-lines hikers might rarely (if ever) see. And it's got fungus and a stump and clear blue sky and a bit of green and well, what's not to like?