+ Comments (2) Hardwear - 2007-06-12 22:05:00
Another from Al Sabo. I've got a couple of thoughts on this (when do I not?!?) but it's late, I'm tired and getting it posted is taking precedence over getting it 'splained. Having done the former, I'll address the latter tomorrow . . . Okay ... it's the day after tomorrow in terms of when I had planned to address the thoughts on this photo and now that I'm a day late, we'll disregard the dollar short. This shot is one of several I took while checking out what was apparently either a deck or walkway or "lookout" and I found it while looking for something else entirely. What was most interesting to me about the whole thing apart from its being old and disintegrating and just plain old was the way it just lay across a path and down a hill and seemed to be meant to let someone stand and look over a small body of water and marsh. When did it serve that purpose -- how many years ago? When and why was it decommissioned? Was it a deliberate decision that left it to decay or did nature (a storm perhaps) take it over when there weren't any interested parties looking? So many other thoughts like this always go through my head when I'm shooting something like this that I get caught up in trying to get a shot what will leave a question mark in the viewer's brain similar to what was in mine when I was there. In this case, that probably can't happen - mostly because I didn't have much luck (or skill, if you prefer) when it came to getting a shot of the overall structure that once was. Now that I've written all of this, it may help some but you reading this isn't the same as me seeing what motivated it. I'll keep wrestling with a couple of the other shots and if I get something that looks like it'll help, I'll put it up with a link back here so you can wonder again what the hell I was thinking ... ;o) That's all.