Every once in a while,

+ Comments (0) Every once in a while, - 2007-07-31 22:57:40
(and it is fairly rare), the sun and clouds and sky all join hands to create the most amazing light at the end of the day. Mark Hobson, over at The Landscapist called it "Hobbit Light". I like that -- and he did a much nicer job describing it (yes, please follow the link and read his comments) than I likely would. This sort of light more or less sneaks up on the land and sky and pretty much everything -- but when you see it, there's no mistaking it for anything but remarkably beautiful. It took roughly two days to travel from here in SW Michigan to where he is in the Adirondacks but there was no mistaking it when I saw the photo he posted. I knew that light and I, like him and probably many others, couldn't help but get the camera and save some facsimile of what it looked like. Did YOU see it ?