A Need for Speed

+ Comments (4) A Need for Speed - 2007-09-26 18:49:54
Yes, the pieces and parts and cables and cards and assorted debris you see here have been assembled into a sparkling new computer system specifically built with speed in mind. It's been something like 8 years since my last computer (which I re-named to Lazarus after bringing it back from essentially dead a little more than a year ago) and I was well past overdue. So I went shopping last week and spent Saturday morning and afternoon putting it all together. I won't get all boring with details and specs but it DOES have a quad-core processor which means that if a program knows how to use them all FOUR processors can work on something simultaneously. Sort of like what Weez does when she's answering a phone call, talking to me, typing an email and reading a web-page all at once ... ;o) Oh ... special thanks to Dick & Joyce for the tip on the Digilink store where all these goodies were found !!