'Tis the Season ...

+ Comments (2) 'Tis the Season ... - 2007-12-29 11:46:25
and here's hoping that any and all who pass through this page find themselves on the other end of the season happier, healthier and fuller in some sense for having endured it.

It'll pass soon enough ...

Another side note -- when I posted this photo 6 days ago on the 23rd, I had to fudge things a bit and post it IN PLACE OF the previously posted photo. It was kind of "on the top of" it. While the site waited for me to ferret out the problem and get it corrected, this photo was visible in place of the 'Cairn' photo. Now that's all been sorted out but the comments are a little wonky. The number of comments should appear next to the comment link above and as I type this, it's not doing so. I'll get it. [update: got it!]

Always something ...

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