+ Comments (4) SoFoBoMo - 2008-03-30 19:56:45

SoFoBoMo stands for Solo Photo Book Month ... it's explained HERE. I've added my name to the list of players and plan to begin my "book in a month project" on April 1.

Paul Butzi pointed out the other day that Paul Lester had done an early, mini-marathon project and I'd seen that Colin Jago had also done an early test bookette of his own.

I decided that insomuch as I haven't really discussed or promoted my own involvement in the upcoming "project", it was at least prudent for me to take a similar run at making a test book of sorts to prove to myself I had some fledgling notion what I was up for.

Lesson learned ... results available for download -- SoFoBoClock.pdf

UPDATE: Click on the mini-book below to see a 'virtual' copy at Issuu.

Do note that Issuu (the service provider for this little whizmo) uses Flash so you might need to click on the mini-book once to activate it and then again to use it