Crane Orchard, Fennville Mich.

+ Comments (4) Crane Orchard, Fennville Mich. - 2009-09-08 19:00:18

Weez and I went to Saugatuck/Douglas along the Lake Michigan shore on Sunday and climbed Mount Baldhead (commonly referred to as Mt. Baldy). On the way home, we stopped and had lunch at the restaurant attached to the bakery at Crane Orchards.

While we waited for a seat, we sat under this shady tree in the foreground and I snapped 20 photos in sequence that were stitched together to make this final panorama. The field of view here is about 170 degrees from far left to far right.

And if you see this Ann, Crane Orchards was where you and I had lunch the day we went driving in the country on our photo-safari about this time last year ...