+ Comments (0) Derbis - 2005-09-01 00:01:09
Yes ... the spelling is deliberate on the title for this shot. It doesn't rhyme with anything else I'm about to say so I can't call it 'poetic' license, but I'm still satisfied with it. To me, ''derbis'' isn't so much what one might mean when saying ''debris'' as it's a bit of ''stuff'' (Neat Stuff, if you saw yesterday's photo) that the owner has a particular fondness for. Stuff that someone else might consider just so much, errr .. debris. Well, to this specific owner, each item has a certain beauty and charm that's mostly embodied in either its physical appearance, its age, its level of 'wear' and/or decay -- or all of those things together. Derbis. Sometime, in the not too distant future, I'll make a photo of each item on its own and explore it in enough detail that you too will fall in love with it. That'll be my story anyway.