No Deposit - No Return

+ Comments (0) No Deposit - No Return - 2005-09-13 08:20:38
One of the little things I have a particular fondness for is bottles - old, new, small and occasionally large - bottles made of glass fascinate me for reasons I don't even attempt to analyze. I like 'em. I collect 'em. At times, I'll agonize over which of several (or even several hundred), I'll part with my money to buy. Two examples of such bottles are shown in the photo Derbis -- both purchases in small, hole in the wall antique shops. So when I saw the bottle above, resting as it was against a broken brick inside the sanctuary of City Methodist, the need to photograph it was instinctive and immediate. It was only a little later -- perhaps on the order of a few seconds -- that the decision to adopt it and bring it home took shape. It serves as reminder of the visit to a place of wonder and beauty; tragedy and decay; history and hope. Well ... all of that and it's just cool !