Merry Christmas !

+ Comments (1) Merry Christmas ! - 2005-12-24 02:10:26
Yesterday, I said today would be a ''special holiday treat'' and that might have left the impression I'd actually gone to extraordinary lengths and effort -- something that is decidedly not the case. If the tree above looks familiar, it should and one regular visitor in particular will certainly recognize it immediately. It's a decorated version of the tree I posted HERE. When it had been in place for somewhere around 3 weeks, I received an email with an attached file and note expressing concern about its lonely existence for such a long period -- a note that had me chuckling as soon as I saw the brightly colored 'lights' that had been added to the otherwise forlorn tree. Sooo ... thank you, Joyce .. for your humor AND for this year's official MrAnalogy Christmas Tree! Merry Christmas!