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I'm Gary Filkins

What you'll find here are photos, a bit of explanatory text, and (occasionally) anything else that strikes my fancy. All of it is more or less assembled and presented by Pixelpost photo-blogging software - see links on the right if you're interested in setting up your own.

Daily would be nice but that might be overly optimistic.

I live in Southwest Michigan so most photos are from fairly close to home but elsewhere if and when travels dictate or allow.

As for why; mostly it's a way to say to those I know -- and those who wander in -- 'Look ... see what I did . . .'

Most shots are taken with a Nikon D70 and a variety of lenses. Some may be (or may have been) taken with a Nikon CoolPix-775 or a CoolPix-5000 with or without a small assortment of 'accessory lenses' and/or adapters. I use Nikon Capture Editor, Photoshop (6), PaintShopPro (7), PhotoMatix Pro (for HDR), AutoStitch (for Panoramas) and occasionally, random other items as needed for a particular 'look' or effect. I'm utterly unapologetic about the means by which an end is reached once the photo is in the computer. If you see it here, I took it, I processed it and ultimately, I'm responsible for it.

Contact Me:

This is also what passes for a ''Contact'' page .. I used so suggest that the easiest way to make contact if you're inclined was to leave a comment and include your email address but comments have been disabled due to spam problems for several years. So ....

Below is as close to an email address as will be found here and while I regret the need to make it somewhat cumbersome, the hundreds of spam I wade through every day leave me little choice. My name is Gary and the domain is garyfilkins.com -- so if you send email to:


I'm fairly likely to get it. I say fairly likely because I do use an agressive spam-filtering program and I don't much look over its shoulder. If you take the additional step of adding a meaningful subject line, the chances improve substantially.

What that means is that if we've never corresponded and I don't already have your email address, it really will be up to the heuristics of the spam filter whether or not it makes it through. Odds are good but not assured.



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